Loosely based on an exhibition in early 2013, this selection shows photographs that stand on their own, not linked in terms of location, time, or story. Instead, they connect to one another on a more abstract level, revolving around little but defining, often elementary human details.


I came to otherland to see a country at a critical political crossroads. I came home with a completely different story: one about its youth, its heritage, its people's rough edges and soft spots; and also one about myself, about my love and frustration, and why i chose to show no evidence of what and where otherland actually is.


A selection of my work produced in the city of Istanbul / Turkey, 2012-2014

gezi park protests

In the dying days of may 2013, anti-government protests violently erupted out of a small occupied park next to Istanbul's Taksim square and quickly spread all over Turkey. This protest movement turned out to mark a defining moment in modern Turkish history, similar maybe to what woodstock became for the USA, just slightly more violent than a music festival...


The 64th edition (2014) of the Berlin film festival, people, vips, red carpet, party, dresses, flashes, fans, and press conferences, photographers and a lot of self-importance.

spaces and artifacts

Artifacts in their spatial habitat. A portfolio of calm, literal and non-figurative colour photography.